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BB Partnership’s scheme for 16 new build flats in Hendon has been granted planning permission by Barnet London Borough Council.

The project for Homegrown Property Development, comprising of 6 x 1-bedroom and 10 x2-bedroom flats, is located on previously developed land on a brownfield site off Hendon Way and includes the demolition of an existing storage building and the erection of a part two, part three store building comprising of 16 self-contained flats with associated amenity s[ … ]

BB Partnership have obtained planning approval to significantly extend a detached house in Chingford following a successful planning appeal against a previous refusal

BB Partnership have obtained planning approval to significantly extend a detached house in Chingford following a successful planning appeal against a previous refusal, this article looks at the planning and appeal processes relating to this project.

The detached Edwardian property house located in the Chingford Station Road Conservation Area.

The proposed scheme includes both rear and side extensions at ground and first floor level along with a remodelled roof that will provi[ … ]

Bat Surveys: Key Considerations for Planning Applications


Bat surveys play a crucial role in the planning process in the UK, ensuring that potential impacts on bat populations and their habitats are properly assessed and mitigated. This article aims to shed light on the importance of bat surveys in planning applications, highlighting the key considerations and requirements for developers and applicants to navigate this aspect of the planning process effectively.

Bats are protected species under UK law, and their habita[ … ]

The Urban Greening Factor: Enhancing Sustainability in Planning Applications in England


As cities continue to expand, the integration of green spaces and urban greening initiatives has become vital for creating sustainable and liveable environments. In England, the concept of the Urban Greening Factor (UGF) has emerged as a valuable tool for promoting green infrastructure and biodiversity in urban areas. This article explores the relevance of the Urban Greening Factor in relation to planning applications in England, highlighting its importance in enhancing[ … ]

Understanding the Difference Between Daylight/Sunlight Studies and Rights of Light in Planning Applications


When it comes to planning applications and the impact on natural light, two important aspects to consider are daylight/sunlight studies and rights of light. While both concepts are related to light, they have distinct differences. This article aims to clarify the dissimilarities between daylight/sunlight studies and rights of light, highlighting their respective roles and implications in the planning process.

Daylight/sunlight studies focus on evaluating the imp[ … ]

Net Biodiversity Gain: A Key Consideration for Planning Approval in England


Protecting and enhancing biodiversity has become a crucial aspect of sustainable development in the face of environmental challenges. In England, the concept of net biodiversity gain has emerged as a fundamental requirement for planning approval. This article explores the significance of net biodiversity gain in the planning process, emphasizing its role in conserving and improving biodiversity as part of sustainable development practices.

Net biodiversity gain [ … ]